Veiled Conscience

Most of the day spent in a top hat with attached veil, the hanging net covered the eyes and hovered above the nose of the woman. Under cover of the veil, telephones rang and were answered, conversations had, transactions placed. The woman walked to a restaurant near a bookshop. The tables were full, but the waitress called her inside. She drank a bitter, waited, ordered a mixed salad. Sharing a table with travelers who had eaten three times at this restaurant, she slurped oily clam noodles and watched the curly hair of a shorter woman passing. She thought about the possibility of every veiled hour met with a new handbag: a bowed, sweet Chanel, a quilted patent Chanel linked from end to end with a chained ID handle, and a cloth bag lined in gleaming leather.




From above, featured products from INA Soho: white leather and black patent vintage Chanel purse; black, leather Chanel belt with "double C" silver studs and vintage, quilted black leather Chanel purse with silver linked wrist handle; white, ruffled vintage Chanel blouse and black, pleated vintage Chanel skirt; gold leaf vintage Chanel cuff and black, fabric quilted Chanel handbag with leather and silver chain straps; vintage, Chanel black leather purse with white bow and handles. 


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Identity Politics

An ID bracelet most traditionally looks like a metal plate connected around the wrist by metal chain links, with the name of the wearer engraved into the metal plate: Charlotte, Rhonda Jessica.

The identification craze hit its height during the 1960s, sweeping men into line with teenagers and women in hunt of silver and gold-barred name tags. And these days, coming into INA on a regular basis are newer versions of the identification tag in the form of medical tag necklaces, purse handles, and the most rudimentary ID bracelets fashioned in the style of those worn in hospitals, displaying the names: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, or forgetting the name all together, displaying just a Versace lion, a Lanvin bow.



All Items found in INA Chelsea: Chanel white and black leather rubber bracelet with white text; rectangular, engraved Dolce and Gabbana necklace; Lanvin quilted black, leather purse with bow and gold chain; Versace Versus white leather purse with safety pins; YSL Mombasa black, leather shoulder bag with horn.

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Welcome to Union Square

Last Thursday evening, INA Union Square partnered with Monster Energy Drink to offer complimentary beverages as a house-warming event in our newest store, located at 110 East 13th Street. Below are some outtakes from the afternoon, and from the INA staff party that followed, as long-time employees welcomed newly hired staff.

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Islands in the Stream

Crossing sixth avenue, I walked beside an unassuming man in nylon windbreaker, cuffed khakis and ball cap, thinking nothing of his outfit in particular. As he began to step, the rolled cuff pulled away to show a red stamped heart on a white tennis shoe, the familiar Comme Des Garcons emblem, and while not extraordinary in itself, the flaking-inked heart reminded me of a love for fashion: the inclusion of a single accent to a straightforward outfit is like an enduring personal opinion.



Above from INA Men Nolita, Khalid wears: Victor & Rolf white trousers, Christian Dior red & black printed t-shirt, Neil Barrett orange windbreaker, Comme Des Garcons white leather slip-ons; Made by Marshall Artist maroon jacket with hood, Band of Outsiders blue cotton polo shirt with white collar, Jack Spade grey back pack, Black Fleece lace-up loafers; Ralph Lauren paisley shorts, Goorin Bros hat, Versace black button-down polo, Christian Louboutin velvet, studded loafer with patent toe, Retrosuperfuture tortoiseshell shades; vintage Cartier watch. 

Styling by Squirrelly Milhorn and Khalid Farrell.

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White on White

Sarah wears a Versace t-shirt scrawled with rocker text on top of a white, Chanel sequined skirt. 

And, taking a bow in her Stephen Jones brimmed hat, we wonder, "Is there anything better than sequins worn in day light?"

(Maybe only gold shoes to pair: United Nude slip-ons)

Isabelle reclines in a Nina Ricci lace frock, empire-waisted. Kicking up her Balenciaga mesh white loafer, and swinging a Ferragamo python purse by her side, she takes the window seat, her asymmetrical braid worn casually.  

(On another occasion, the frock could be paired with a more towering heel: Fendi, below:)


All merchandise found in INA Nolita, with exception of United Nude & Fendi shoes, found in INA Union Square. All looks styled by Squirrelly Milhorn.

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A Fantastical Union Square

We entered a series of rooms, each room a variation of the same: primed white walls, prepared empty rooms. The rooms formed a long hallway. Passing through each doorway, and approaching the next, we passed one another as each approached from the opposite direction, exploring the space. He and I stood between the walls of the well-lit rooms, imagining a number of grand entrances and exits. First, at one end of the room, he would emerge in a custom-made chambray suit, and I in a sequined Chanel coat. Next to follow, and part of the same entrance, a J. Mendel striped dress and Saint Laurent pumps. Just another afternoon of looking at clothes and a flight of fancy inspired by the full racks.



All items featured from Union Square: Balmain lace blouse; Chanel sequined coat; J. Mendel striped, collared dress; Saint Laurent silver mary jane pump; custom chambray suit, Geoffrey Beene hat, Paul Smith dress shoes; J. Lindeberg pinstripe jacket.

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