Dress the part in your last moment to break 2013 resolutions: resolve to wear wild fringe and cut-away piping amidst glitter shifts.

Resolve to wear red patent leather, enough to catch the attention of the idyl, and interchangeably, red velvet.


Resolve to elaborate - the otherwise simple look of last year now boasts an unstructured rabbit scarf.

Resolve to coordinate, in the form of linear stitching.

Resolve to turn the ankle with a sculpted net as the centerpiece. 

Resolve to be illustrative, arms circled in graphic drawings. 

Resolve to incorporate stylistic changes, not unlike a shoulderpad floating in black mesh, abruptly. 



From top: Plomo black suede booties with silver embroidery & Tim Ryan navy sparkle dress with fringe (INA Nolita); Creative Recreation red patent leather sneaker, Billy Reid three piece red velvet suit & Michael Bastian floral corduroy shirt (INA Men Nolita); black, rabbit ball scarf (INA Noho); Yves Saint Laurent dress with feathered breast woven into black silk bottom (INA Nolita) & Gucci satin clutch with rhinestones (INA Noho): Brian Atwood resin with metal clutch, silver and tortoise (INA Nolita); Christian Louboutin t-strap patent leather lace pump with billowing bow (INA Nolita); Alexander McQueen black and white wool cardigan (INA Men Nolita); Vintage unitard with glitter accents (INA Noho).