The Russian house of fashion, Irfé, is having a resurgence at INA Chelsea. Originally founded in 1924 by a stately couple, Felix and Irina Yousoupoff, the house has undergone an 80 year period of hibernation before its current resuscitation, beginning in 2006, by Creative Director Olga Sorokina. 

Above, an Irfé shearling and suede vest with a zip center.

The original founders were aristocrats, as Irina Romanova was the granddaughter of Tsar Alexander III, and Felix a rumored descendent of an ancient tribe. He grew up in the most ornate castle in Russia, supposedly, in awe of "his mother's beauty and perfect outfits, her legendary huge diamonds and rare pearls."

Their fashion house formed shortly after their marriage.


Above, blue velvet Irfé cape with patent leather collar. Below, Marsell shoes peeking out from underneath. 

It has been said that in order to finance the first collection, Felix sold his unique diamond "Polar Star" to Cartier. The debut of the first fashion show took place at the Ritz hotel in New York, with Irina as one of the models appearing after midnight. 

Androgynous and modern models took the stage.

Above, Irfé navy, shaggy wool and fur topper.  

Two original dresses from the Maison Irfé exist in a private collection and within the Costume Institute at the MET. The styles are reminiscent of the 20s, bat sleeves in black silk. Olga Sorokina's revived Irfé line remembers the flapperesque cuts from its heritage, as well as rich furs to finish outfits. 

Above, Irfé nude jumpsuit with sequined halter neck clasp.

Look in our Chelsea racks, and in boutiques internationally, for oriental flourish, faberge, and remnants of sport - the tennis court and the ballet, running through Olga's modernized collections.