Thursday begins a long weekend sale at all INA stores of up to 70% off merchandise from winter stock, and a preview of select spring merchandise.  

The stars, the sun and the moon have everything to do with it. Gianni Versace, divided, next to floral printed 45 RPM flannel.

"Ruined, robbed, done for!" and blindfolded by blue gourds. Hemes scarf, 100% silk.

Akris blouses are few and far between: a runaway train in a groove wound through a silken forest. From under the blouse rests a fringed Dries Van Noten scarf with springtime foliage. 

"Un jour!" "Une femme au visage!", or, "A woman in the face!": around his neck, the French language. 

Squirreled away in a chinchilla hat and Etro paisley scarf, he reads. Marcel Proust writes. " the depths of which Mme Swann negligently reclined, her hair, now blonde with one gray lock, encircled with a narrow band of flowers, usually violets, from which floated down long veils, a lilac parasol in her hand, on her lips an ambiguous smile in which I read only the benign condescension of Majesty..."


Above merchandise found in INA Soho. Please visit all INA locations for discounted shopping.