Kicking back her red velvet Lanvin heel, Daniela tries on a vintage lace dress for size. To the left, Squirrel borrows Junya Watanabe suspender overalls in an uncharacteristically masculine look, topped off in a Rag & Bone hat with a touch of Indiana Jones.

"Who's that girl?" Daniela models a Karl Lagerfeld silk turtleneck dress. 

Don't look twice. That's Squirrelly Milhorn in a rarely seen tuxedo skirt suit: blazer by Givenchy, YSL satin vest & white undershirt, YSL gold chain loafer pumps.

Peeking from the changing room in her Balenciaga kimono, Daniela checks out Squirrel's "school days" outfit - that is, the school of Comme Des Garcons. 

As it turns out, it's harder to be a boy than we thought. At the end of the day, Squirrel swings her Myriam Schaefer briefcase in style, meanwhile vowing to find a dirty gin martini and her pumps, in exchange for one pair of gold metal-plated YSL loafers.