The glass slipper is emblematic of Cinderella's story. The shoe that does not fit is always the most coveted shoe, whether in the form of Giambattista Valli or in the form of crystal clear glass. 



Left to sort lentils in the fireplace, in the Grimm version of the fairy tale, Cinderella is visited by two white pigeons. The pigeons find her alone in her work clothes: a pair of Marc Jacobs work boots, Marni leather vest adorned in an assemblage of patchwork pins, and lace-up Vena Cava house shoes. 

"Peck peck peck", the pigeons ask Cinderella, "do you want us to help sort the lentils?" She turns, surprised to hear pigeons speaking.

After sorting the bad lentils from the good, splendid garments fall from the sky: one Oscar de la Renta bejeweled clutch with satin backing and an Aurelie Bidermann necklace hung with a gold plated horn.

Cinderella departs for the ball in the most unexpected fashion - in a carriage destined for the fate of a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight. At the magic ball, the prince awaits in conspicuous form, wearing a House of Adonis and Aphrodite bow tie and Diesel chain link watch. 

As the story goes, Cinderella flees the ball at midnight, leaving a glass slipper behind in her frenzy.

The next day, the prince arrives at Cinderella's stoop in a horse drawn carriage to find his princess covered in ash. He carries her slipper in a Carols Falchi suede pouch. 

"You! You are my 'glass slipper'!" the prince exclaims, slipping the pump onto the maid's foot, and meanwhile tossing his Celine scarf over his shoulder. 


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