Scrounging around, digging to the bottom of the closet, in my belongings I find a wrinkled trench coat, a packet of bobby pins lost between the luggage and a floral cushion, an envelope of tickets, straw slippers. On the hunt for pieces of last spring's clothing to newly incorporate this spring, or even poorly disguise for re-use, these bits and pieces of discarded fabric and ornament quickly become headlong obsessions. Spring flings, with a few hopes and demands looking forward – this is my shortlist for the season ahead.


A Rapunzel braid embroidered on cloth like rope


Fringe shrouding a face, or a leg - as found on a pair of shredded jeans, or here, on the cusp of a turban 

A reintroduction of the straight jacket, thickly banded ties bowed

A strand of heavy-handed resin over simple cotton 

Thimble-shaped accessories, such as studs, cufflinks, buttons - with rhinestone composition 

A woman or man's open vest - the vest usually worn with a three piece suit, worn alone, this time with cuffed denim. I want the vest to have a silk back.

And a putrid orange. Imagine the color of uniforms and goal posts, protective equipment, sports teams. 



Above: Royal Gypsy teal & off-white embroidered dress, Noho; Dries Van Noten floral, cotton scarf tied into turban, Soho; Prada full length jacket with tie closures, Soho; Nicole Farhi necklace with geometric resin pieces, Soho; Eddie Borgo earrings with yellow gold and rhinestone, Noho; Dolce & Gabbana black men's tuxedo vest, Noho; Hermes silk scarf, Noho.