An ID bracelet most traditionally looks like a metal plate connected around the wrist by metal chain links, with the name of the wearer engraved into the metal plate: Charlotte, Rhonda Jessica.

The identification craze hit its height during the 1960s, sweeping men into line with teenagers and women in hunt of silver and gold-barred name tags. And these days, coming into INA on a regular basis are newer versions of the identification tag in the form of medical tag necklaces, purse handles, and the most rudimentary ID bracelets fashioned in the style of those worn in hospitals, displaying the names: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, or forgetting the name all together, displaying just a Versace lion, a Lanvin bow.



All Items found in INA Chelsea: Chanel white and black leather rubber bracelet with white text; rectangular, engraved Dolce and Gabbana necklace; Lanvin quilted black, leather purse with bow and gold chain; Versace Versus white leather purse with safety pins; YSL Mombasa black, leather shoulder bag with horn.