Most of the day spent in a top hat with attached veil, the hanging net covered the eyes and hovered above the nose of the woman. Under cover of the veil, telephones rang and were answered, conversations had, transactions placed. The woman walked to a restaurant near a bookshop. The tables were full, but the waitress called her inside. She drank a bitter, waited, ordered a mixed salad. Sharing a table with travelers who had eaten three times at this restaurant, she slurped oily clam noodles and watched the curly hair of a shorter woman passing. She thought about the possibility of every veiled hour met with a new handbag: a bowed, sweet Chanel, a quilted patent Chanel linked from end to end with a chained ID handle, and a cloth bag lined in gleaming leather.




From above, featured products from INA Soho: white leather and black patent vintage Chanel purse; black, leather Chanel belt with "double C" silver studs and vintage, quilted black leather Chanel purse with silver linked wrist handle; white, ruffled vintage Chanel blouse and black, pleated vintage Chanel skirt; gold leaf vintage Chanel cuff and black, fabric quilted Chanel handbag with leather and silver chain straps; vintage, Chanel black leather purse with white bow and handles.