A great ship, the Jadrolinja, delayed its departure. From the deck of the ship, I looked over the railing for a last view of the shoreline, divided into two halves, a dark half and a light half: in one direction, tourism crept up the seaside hill; overflowing with lightbulbs, the hill dumped a pooling reflection of light into the black water. On the other side, the landscape of restaurants eventually lost footing in complete blackness. Inhabitants of the overnight ferry wandered among green plastic chairs. Curving roads led down the hill of the town, emptying onto the beach where straggling swimmers made their way out of the water dressed in one-piece cut-away bathing suits, strappy bikinis, and loose patterned swim trunks.  




From top: Yves Saint Laurent, one piece navy bathing suit with white cut-outs (INA Nolita); Men's Ferragamo red & white swim trunk (INA Men); Tori Praver cut-away bikini bottom (with matching top in INA Nolita); Tara Matthews one-piece grey bathing suit with jeweled sides (INA Nolita); Mara Hoffman multi-colored bikini bottom (with matching top in INA Nolita); Men's Retromarine swim trunk (INA Men); Marie France Van Damme gold bikini bottom (INA Nolita); Marie France Van Damme one-piece gold bathing suit (INA Nolita); Marie France Van Damme strapless, gold bathing suit (INA Nolita).