The artillery belt is a fad, while quickly out of style, that returns with panache in some version or another season in, season out. I sold my own artillery belt years ago. It was too harsh, heavy and militaristic, but I turned to the racks to discover its latest resurgence. Below are many belts by Balmain, a designer every season slinging the belt on low hip or high. To be found in INA Noho are a slew of wrestling belts endowed with metal, a method of cinching fallen fabric away from a high waist.



Ina Noho: Dolce & Gabbana lace sheer skirt with Balmain white wrestling belt; Vintage belt with gold drop-link chain; Balmain black metal wrestling belt; Yves Saint Laurent black and green polka dotted suit with Balmain quadruple-buckle and lace-up belt; Ralph Lauren brown suede lace camisole with Balmain quadruple buckle safety pin belt.