From day to day, I read a book on the train entering and returning from the city. Usually I read a book set around a fictional character, although this month it is Christian Dior's autobiography: Dior by Dior. The book details the life of a humble man designing a fashion line, and without an explicit aim to do so, winning an Oscar in Dallas, Texas with his first-ever collection called The New Look, designed at the age of forty.

He at times modeled his lines after French monuments, once, the Eiffel Tower and the Cupola. He says, on designing, "I was always searching to alter the general attraction of woman and enliven her silhouette. The material ought to live on her shoulders, and her figure live beneath the material."

With Dior as our inspiration, below are a number of cold weathered shoulders found in INA Noho. 



All Items located in INA Noho, from top: KittinHawk leather shoulder pads; R13 leather, fur lined and khaki vest; Torn sweatshirt with metallic shoulder; Torn cable knit sweater with fringe shoulders; Skingraft leather shirt with transparent striped shoulder; Burberry men's cream sweater with epaulette; Iro black jacket with leather shoulder; A Detacher gray dress with one exaggerated, blousing shoulder.