Larger than any year previous, this year's INA Holiday party included the employees of our six stores, most recently Union Square. And Giorgione, Italian restaurant on Spring, hosted us for a third year, passing wood fired pizza all around between orders of lamb chops and linguine with clams. Thanks this year to Gina, employee at INA Union Square, for bringing her Instamax camera - all polaroid pictures are courtesy of Gina, who turned party guests at ease, catching them with a certain aplomb.

Dancing until the end, Giorgione closed as the last party goers were still mid-movement.

This year at the INA Holiday party, an all black attire held reign, with only a couple in white tuxedo jackets. 

... and a couple more in grey stripe.

Tricks and treats abounded as anyone may imagine.

But who needs anything else, when you can just dance a tango?