Every year is a chance to start again, with New Year's Eve as the aging year's crowning moment, nostalgically setting the tone to come. In addition to an endless selection of sequined numbers, INA has an understated wardrobe to offer for New Year's Eve, with INA Men housing both men and women's suited looks, glancing back to a most memorable moment of 2014 on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival when celebrity women overwhelmed the carpet in tuxedos. 


All looks from INA Men: Saint Laurent wool black coat with velvet collar, Dior pants with white stripe, Christian Dior belt, Jimmy Choo shearling loafers, Emporio Armani button-down tuxedo shirt, Cor Sine Labe Doli ceramic bow tie, Hermes black leather gloves, silk polka dotted scarf; Saint Laurent metallic gunmetal blazer, Match Play Adidas black sneakers; Givenchy dress shirt with star collar, vintage bronze bracelet with pearls; Margiela tan sweater vest, Christian Dior grey cashmere men's coat, Thom Browne wool gray pant, Saint Laurent metallic leopard loafer.