I first heard the sound of Diana Vreeland's voice in the biographical documentary "The Eye Has to Travel", Vreeland's British accent underpinned by a slow, growling, and at times, suddenly faster uptake. Her fashion voice first appeared in print through her Harper's Bazaar advice column "Why Don't You...?" before beginning her career as fashion editor for Bazaar and in 1962, editor in chief of Vogue.

"Why Don't You...?" was a running list of queries that suggested fantastical alterations to life and wardrobe. The fantastical queries suggested: why not alter your life to suit your wardrobe, rather than altering a wardrobe to sensibly suit a life?

An example: "Why Don't You...Have an elk-hide trunk for the back of your car? Hermes of Paris will make this."
Nothing would be more pleasurable than to apply this theorem to our current fashion scene, the backdrop set as mountainous snow in downtown New York. All costuming courtesy of INA menswear.The snow-covered scene remains the same, the following evening. The same, the following morning, only to be lifted in spirit with a douse of "Why don't you...?"
Why don't you dip the toe of a velvet Yves Saint Laurent loafer into white snow?
Why don't you face the countenance of a statue in a neon striped pant?
Why don't you run through the snow in a Moncler+Pharrell baffled puffer jacket?
All menswear INA Men Nolita: APC leopard, putty sweatshirt, Thom Browne floral, off-white and tan pants, Givenchy forest green paisley and aircraft printed t-shirt, Yves Saint Laurent black velvet loafer; Gucci canvas white tote bag with black striped handles, Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony camel, angora leopard scarf, Trade Mark black and white striped long-sleeved shirt, Juun.J neopreen black shirt, Issey Miyake neon green printed cashmere men's pant; Moncler X Pharrell black and gray nylon down coat, Comme Des Garcons Shirt silver sparkle tennis shoes, gray Bill Tornade slim pants, Won Hundred green splotched sweatshirt.