Anchor stitched pinstripe trousers, and why not? Miniature anchors lay on top of navy and white in a strict grid, like ruler paper. A mathematical reminiscence of drawing measured angles led me to search for checkerboard patterns. Meanwhile a few other garments surfaced within the INA men's boutique, including a t-shirt printed with the name David. I found a Prada jacket envisioning pastel printed swimmers. And a perforated white Dior shoe, hole punched, not unlike the traditional checkered pattern hallucinated in spells of dizziness. 


Above, all merchandise INA Men: 45 RPM navy wool cardigan, Gianni Versace vintage brown suede boots, Black Fleece logo gridded button-down, Thom Browne navy jeans stitched with anchors; DEERDANA David printed t-shirt, Saint Laurent black leather motorcycle jacket, Thom Browne black & white checkered jeans, Barker Black leather white sneakers; Prada pastel blue zip-up with beach-goers, Marc by Marc sherbet shorts, Dunhill baby blue checked polo, Steven Alan putty yellow sunglasses, Balenciaga white, forest green and black sneakers; Thom Browne pastel pink and white pocket square, Dior black wool zippered jacket with buckles, Dior white leather perforated loafer, Margiela white cardigan with shawl collar, Chanel reflective black clutch with white crackle (INA Nolita Women).