Floor length ensembles are traditionally suited for winter months, but Union Square fulfills our desire for a long straight line in May. Not a far cry from a catsuit, Torn's spandex leotard fits over tights of another color, changing the body into a single exclamation point. The revealing thigh of another evening dress elongates the figure with occasional cut-away moments from carwash fringe, and the dotted marks of an Anna Sui flower form a throughway from the waist of a floral skirt to mirrored Balenciaga toes. Look no further than Gucci for a summer wedding dress, lifted a few inches, and still gracing the ground.


All merchandise featured INA Union Square: Jumpsuit with lace insert by Torn, Chrissie Morris geometric pumps; dress with fringe thigh by Torn, Arden Wohl glass heel slippers; Gucci white evening wear with ruffled sleeves; Anna Sui embroidered flower skirt, Balenciaga mirror toed zipper platforms.