With the Spring season approaching slowly but surely, many of us have decided to take Holiday a bit early before only to (hopefully) come back to gorgeous city stomping grounds. If escaping the cement for sand and Aguardiente sounds appealing make sure to dress the part. Our quintessential travel girl is one that is jetset with a bit of a Gypsy mentality, or another words Julia Chaplin's coined term "Gypset". She prefers luxury without the attitude, and doesn't mind wearing the same Dries dress on the beach from the night before. Bright prints, loose silhouettes, no logos, and versatility is key. Dresses will take you day to night, our Balenciaga travel clutch doubles as a purse, and turn up the notch with sunset-colored heels that will send you spinning into the wild hours of night.


 From left: Gucci, Dries van Noten, Missoni, Isabel Marant, Christian LouBoutin, Balenciaga, Roger Vivier.

All available online and select locations.