Despite what Bear Grylls has said and may have inspired you to do, it's almost impossible to carry everything you need in your pockets. The modern man needs space for his laptop, a solid read or two, or a change of clothes for that dodge to the gym. At this point there are more than few options that fit your lifestyle. With that in mind, know what's appropriate for the situation. Although canvas backpacks and rucksacks are wallowing in the spotlight, you should never wear one with a suit. Not only does it come off a tad juvenile, but the cross strap wrinkles your clothes. Man up and carry the bag, be it a good size that you're not compromising the space for comfort, light enough for the daily commute. Cross straps are best with your casual uniform, or just getting things done. See our simple choices for our urban minded dudes-on-the-go.

Clockwise from left: Balenciaga, Tumi, Tom Ford, Margiela, Trussardi, Balenciaga.

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