Name:  Squirrelly Milhorn

Hometown: Oak Ridge, TN                    

Sign: Capricorn (not typical) w/Libra rising

Best part about NYC in the Fall: cozy sweaters, cooler temp, sitting by the fire w/T Man, holidays in nyc, the bestest!

Favorite spot to beat the cold with a cozy drink? Under the duvet, or the mercer ie, HQ - corner table

Reading now: Keith Richards Bio

Last film you saw: Serge Gainsburg

What you were wearing when you were 16: I can’t remember that far back…………..something god awful and if I told you then you would know my age.

Dream date? MICK JAGGER!! (1960’s or 1972 south of France making Exile on Main St)

Do you watch Toddlers and Tiaras? I lived it, darling! I’m from the South! Kidding, 2 close to home can’t bare to watch.

You are stuck on an island with no clothes. But it's magical island and a designer appears to provide you a wardrobe. Who is it? I’m not a one woman designer, but it would have to be Azzedine Alaia!

Who is going to be the next president? Scary thought, if only a strong woman such as Hilary would take on the challenge once again. However, Obama is a probably going to win and I’m happy with that choice!  Must be a democrate and our selection of canidates is limited.

Style icon? Marianne Faithful, Anita Pallenburg, Romey Schneider, Kate Moss, Marisa Berenson and the ultimate icon: MICK JAGGER!

Have you ever won a trophy? Yes, IDEAL MISS Pageant, Ms. Congeniality!  :)  

It's 2am and you just bumped into Ted Danson. What are you wearing? Woolford leopard thigh highs w/black Alaia A line skirt, white button down w/blk studded Alaia booties.

If Ina Nolita held you hostage what would you choose to wear/surround yourself with?

From left to right: Balenciaga Leather Jacket, Alaia Boots, Celine Leather Dress + Marni Necklace.

All available at Ina Nolita.