The only proper way to beat the cold is to pack in the heat wrapped up in fur. With so many options and gorgeous faux being produced (if you don't feel like dodging PETA paint splatter) you can add the layers and look good doing so. When shopping for the real thing just be aware of the content on the tag, you want to make sure you're getting exactly what the tag says. For example, 100% Lippi Cat is not cut little feline we've never heard of frolicking in the woods, it's actually a made up name for illegally imported domestic house cat from China (shame on you, large successful design house whom I won't name any names). Rabbit is the cheapest, while Sable is enough to break the bank, so weigh your options especially shopping consignment whether the value is appropriate. And lastly, care for your fur! Always unbutton any buttons near the waist when you sit down, the lapels can easily stretch and damage the seams. Avoid chain strap bags--they will break the fur at the shoulders. Storing your fur is just as important, excessive heat will singe the hairs, dull it's luster, and dehydrate the lapels so keep in a dark temperature controlled closet or room.


From left to right: Fendi, Tuleh, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Marni.

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