Almost without warning, warmer weather approaches, and with the warmer weather, time to spare. For all of the literature we discarded during busier seasons, the time has come to compose a reading list of best-sellers.

 “The most beautiful books are the most invisible ones, just as a pink chemise with embroidered flowers by Marc Jacobs would be almost meaningless without a label and just as a Prada shoe should carry a red stripe down its sole or a bag by Louis Vuitton should have its initials prominently scrambled all over its surface in order to be read. And by read I mean not read in any meaningful way. After all, who has really read a bag by Louis Vuitton or a sweater with a deliberately unraveled collar by Martin Margiela although I have read these things for many hours of the afternoon?”

Tan Lin, Seven Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking, Page 66

Throughout the stores this week, accessories have been in abundance, namely bags, belts and jewelry that close by heavy metal clasps, proudly displaying their names, or more discretely leaving their signature behind.

Below are some of my favorite reads, and can be found at your local INA Soho, Chelsea, and Nolita stores: 

1. Margiela unisex black leather and blue silk Obi belts, Chelsea

2. Marni paper chain necklace, bronze, Soho

3. Alexander Wang Tai Doop Kit briefcase, belt closure, Soho

4. Tanner Krolle pressed leather purse, gold hook hardware, Soho

5. YSL bracelet, black disc and gold stake clasp, Chelsea

6. Louis Vuitton black Pulsion Lockit purse, shearling, Nolita

7. Balenciaga straw bag, black leather motorcycle detail, Nolita