The camera pans across a SuperPro hairdryer to Tony, his hair blown. He looks in the mirror, brushes his hair out with a round brush. The camera cuts away to a future dance floor, and back to Tony brushing his hair with a thick-bristled brush. To the right of his mirror, a poster hangs of a shirtless kung-fu fighter, and underneath, a poster of a girl looking into the distance in gold lamé.

Gold-plated Noir ring, Chelsea

To the left of the mirror is a poster of Rocky after a fight. Tony looks at the poster of the fighter and himself, both shirtless at the same time. Tony flexes his arms, bringing them together, meeting at the fists. The camera takes a wide angle of his fists from below lacking the wristbands of the fighter. 

Louis Vuitton red buckled cuff clasping a white leather Tiffany tote, Chelsea

The camera zooms in on a poster of Farrah Fawcett by the door, then on Tony’s jewelry box as Tony pulls out, first, a necklace. The camera returns to a wide angle from below as Tony fastens the jewelry, then to the dancers in the club, then to a close-up of the gold cross around Tony’s neck. He grabs a second piece of gold.

Michael Kors gold men's wristwatch, Chelsea

Donald Donahue cufflinks and shirt studs, mother of pearl, INA Men, Nolita

Tony walks to his closet, pulls the chain to turn on the light. He throws a shirt on, zips up his pink trousers over it. The camera takes the point of view of the clothes rack in a closet full of shirts. 

Vivienne Westwood pants with red and black cotton straps, Moschino red velvet pants, both INA Men, Nolita 

Junya Watanabe men's sequined blouse, Chelsea

The camera pans back to the mirror as Tony dances, fastening his ring tighter onto his finger, and brushing his hair until his father walks in on him. The camera zooms to a close up of Tony’s father looking down on Farrah’s gold chain. 

Berluti leather briefcase, INA Men, Nolita

"It's time for dinner," the father says.

"I have my shirt on. I don't want to get anything on it." 

"What are you worried about?" the father says. "Your mother's spaghetti sauce don't drip. It don't drip and it don't taste." Tony dances in the mirror, brushes his hair. His father leaves. 

YSL lightweight men's trench, Chelsea

Tony sits at the head of the dinner table shrouded in a white napkin, protecting his shirt.

Alessandro Del'Aqua white silk tie loosely tied over YSL trench, Chelsea