My favorite bows are ornamental golden bows, bowties, bows to the side, bows underneath, bows around stems. The outlines of bows. Bows for wreaths. Buildings wrapped in bows. Squashed and not ironed bows. 

The hair underneath a bow scarf becoming more and more disheveled. The band of a bow loosened and retied several times a day.

Bows in the shapes of rabbit ears, tightly tied, and loosely tied bows in looped knots.

A flat way of wearing a bow, secured on top of a satin shoe. When a bow is tied around the neck. Headbands knotted in the shapes of bows and hanging among the purses in a store. Bows as fasteners.

Fuzzy knitted bows. Sharp bows, round bows. Detachable bows and attached bows. Bows with ruffles, or cashmere bows.

Out-of-place bows worn by children at crowning moments and alert bows. Velcro bows. Flowers confused for bows. Every kind of bow I can think of. Bows in conjunction, one bow on each shoulder.

Bows that unzip. Bloated, crocheted bowties and also dapper ones. Handmade bows that come on a cardboard card. White leather bows with no purpose.

A man looking after a woman, his bow left untied from his hood in the winter. Bows of wicker. Bows down the back of a shirt.

La Perla (beaded & crocheted sleeveless silk rust) and Marc Jacobs tops, tie-back bows, INA Chelsea

Christian Louboutin satin feathered bow purse, INA Soho

Marni silk blouse, bow back, INA Soho; Vintage rhinestone & gold bow pin, INA Noho

Cashmere sweater with long bowtie, INA Nolita

Fendi sequined front & mesh back top; Wade Blackmon hood with suspenders and tie, INA Chelsea

Vintage cashmere gloves with bow detail, INA Soho

Marni silk dress with drawstring bow collar, INA Nolita

Lanvin dress with zipper-through-bow detail, front & back, INA Nolita

CROP bow tie, cube bow of clear plastic and Tiemension bow tie with Swarovski crystals, INA Men