Our Krista, manager of INA Soho, may be found emerging from a rave on an early weekend morning in midtown.

I asked Krista to pretend that she was getting dressed for Electric Zoo, the electronic music festival on Randall's Island, or to choose what in the INA racks have “rave” written all over them.

Krista told me that, “the lights are too bright, the auditory experience too much. At night, the sunglasses are a frame for the lights, for everything.”

It’s easy to lose your friends in the crowd, but who cares, because in the crowd, there is, “only dancing, only fun, only love, and only making new friends.”

Chanel multi-colored vintage hoop earrings, above; Lisa Marie Fernandez turquoise scuba dress, below.


Talking is wasted energy. High-treble, synthetic remixing of pop lyrics are the only object. 

So turn up the sound now/

Make it feel louder/

Who is it playing/

Are you still here/

Who's all around now/

Are you still listening/

What are they saying/

Was it clear/

Below, Proenza Schouler multi-colored woven, knee-length coat

A rave is "Willy-Wonka and neon absurdity", said Krista, "even for the most practical items: a pair of Comme Des Garcons for Tretorn sneakers broken-in ahead of time, and a weather-proof Lisa Fernandez body suit, tucked into shorts." 

Turn up the sound now/

Lost in the crowd and/

I haven't heard this one before/

Turn up the sound now/

What are you saying/

No, I'm not listening anymore/

Above, Dior fur hat, also available in black