The Indian Princess costume. The one with suede cloth. I wore it for two Halloweens. Then we passed it on to other kids. The fringe was thin strips threaded with beads, tied into knots. (Vintage fringe, multi-colored leather purse, INA Nolita)

Before that, there was the witch. (Zac Posen high-neck, pleated no collar taffeta blouse, Nolita)

And after, the chimpanzee. I wore a black sweatsuit and a realistic chimpanzee mask. (Nina Ricci faux fur wool black coat, Nolita)

When I was really little, I was a ghost. A cat one year too. (Balenciaga short pleated red & white skirt w/ striped grossgrain belt, Nolita)

(Yohji Yamamoto black coat with red wool side patches, Nolita)

On Halloween in 1957, my dad was eleven in Memphis. He was standing in front of Elvis’s house, the one at 1034 Audubon Drive. It was part of a place called Audubon Park and around it there were other places like it named Audubon.

This house was essentially a rancher in an upper-middle class neighborhood. This was before Elvis started buying Cadillacs and before he moved into Graceland. In later years, a friend would live across from Elvis’s old house and a friend at an angle to Elvis’s old house. Dad even went to a party in it. A hot ticket girl threw the party, and later, the girl would run off with a greaser on a motorcycle. 

(Rick Owens marbled green lace-up silk ruffle wedges, Nolita)

(Adam feathered mini-skirt, Nolita)

"I can see that it was a modest house," he said, looking at Google Maps.

Elvis pulled up to the house, but not all the way up. My dad remembers the make of the car. It was a two-seater Lincoln Mark III hard top. Elvis got out, and Natalie Wood got out too.

The thought occurred that, when famous people came to town, they did something together with the famous people already there. And Elvis got famous fast. 

But no, the news later reported that Elvis and Natalie Wood had been an item. 

"And Natalie Wood was really, I mean, everyone loves Natalie Wood," he said on the phone.


(Vivienne Westwood Red Label brocade dress, Nolita)

(Victor Costa velvet & silk embroidered blazer, Nolita)


“Were you dressed as something?” I asked.

“Probably nothing.”

“And were Natalie Wood and Elvis dressed as something other than themselves?”