It is that time of year again, fur shoe time. When I stopped by the stores yesterday for a sampling of fur footwear, I misunderstood a manager when she offered to help and suggested, “Tribute?”

“Yes, I am working on a fur tribute piece.”

“No,” she said, “the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute booties. We have them in forest green and black leather.” 

Prada calf-length faux fur boots arrived yesterday. Barely wet from the rain, it was surmised that they walked to the store themselves. The drawstring nylon liner bungees around the calf, as you can see, protecting the leg in all conditions, some undiscovered animal.

 A flat-footed slipper.


Imagining these boots had the lasting impression of a face, we would describe the impression as bold-faced.

Recognize the scoundrel in this heel. A braided cord entwines and cinches the fur and wraps the leg, attached to the fur by enamel brackets with stones.

The Technica boot remembers the aesthetic strappings of a Chaco river sandal, yet evolves from the Moon Boot, launched by Technica in 1970 as an insulated snow boot. It is closer still to the Blizzard line, a division of the company dedicated to wintersports, and to the Rollerblade.

A winter theme. If I could show you four viewpoints at once, I would show you the pom-pom, the kitten heel, the leather interior, and the white fur leg. 

Bottom to top: Nolta, Eugeni A Kim white leather boot with pom-pom; Noho, Tecnica multi-color fur print boot; Soho, Giuseppe Zanotti heel; Nolita, Opening Ceremony black suede platform; Soho, Marni pony slip-on; Nolita, Prada faux-fur boot with drawstring top; Nolita, Yve Saint Laurent Tribute boot.