The night of the INA holiday party has come and gone. We ate and drank masses at Giorgione, the Italian mainstay for locals on Spring Street. One too many blood orange mimosas, meatballs, and clams with linguine. Well, I was actually the only one at the table with clams. The cheese stands alone.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Most of the night was one long photo shoot, and the entire next day was filled with intrigue. What happened at the after party, and at the after-after party? Who came to work with who’s shirt on?

I can thank a few key spies for giving up the dirt and passing on these superlative moments:

The night started off mildly enough. Meet one of our new employees, Tara, here with Andreas. 

Courtney and Arnold moments before hors d'oeuvres.

Two of our generous hosts, Ina and Milo.

Khadijah and Ruby perched mid-cocktails. 

The chic and savvy ladies of Nolita and Noho - Ruby, Diana, and Leah.

...and those of Soho, Squirrel and Krista. Squirrel wears a Nina Ricci one piece. Fabulous, just fabulous. 

During the meal Olga shoots a knowing wink, next to Diana, and a new employee, Cindy of eBay. 

Calamari? Up to par? Thomas weighs in on the answer. 

The pizza, definitely the pizza, if Maria has a say. 

I am happy, indescribably so so happy. 

Squirrel and her self-described children, Nubia, Rachel, and Lonnie.

Suddenly things take a turn for the provocative. Nubia one moment...

...and Nubia the next. 

Squirrel again! This time in the middle of the Golden Glees, Jonathan, Andreas, Arnold, and Lonnie. And yes, that IS an Alaia python pump. 

Afterwards, at Ear Inn, with Bajun and Caroline in the center.


And Andreas in the center of Krista and Melissa.

David floats in all crowds. Here, with Courtney and Cindy. 

Lingering moments before the night descends into complete scandal. 

"Happy Holidays" from all of the INA staff!