Oh, my, model during fashion week.

With your headshots, and your mother, your straight wispy hair,

I see you on the train.

One, two, sometimes three of you – one model I mistake for the other,

and that one for the other.

Though I would not mistake Daria for just anyone,

and who could, with her new, 

short short hair? 

My adoring poem: 

Leather pants tight on skeletal legs,

at the bottom scrunched into ankle boots or high-top sneakers,

of which the two-toned variety is most popular.

Your sweatshirt, with a hood and sometimes without.

Across your arm is slung

a tote bag,

Celine of course for the road.

Over the sweatshirt, your jacket –

fur, leather, or, leather underneath fur on a cold day.

Never complete

Is the steely look

without cashmere. 

From the top, INA Soho: Toga leather pants with zipper detail; Rag & Bone distressed leather boots; Isabel Marant sneakers; Celine leather tote; Isabel Marant sweatshirt; The Row straightened shearling jacket; INA brand cashmere hat (in collaboration with Meg Cohen).