Stopping into INA Noho late Tuesday afternoon, I asked Andreas and Olga to pick a few coveted items from the store, and to try them on, sometimes with the theme "Work Day" in mind. 

Olga procured a couple of Mexican wooden bracelets from within,

and Andreas asked if a vintage army camouflage was of interest. 

Olga chose a Dries van Noten camel cashmere coat. An honest pick. And on Andreas, a scoop neck Miu Miu burgundy sweater, more for the color, than for the neck. 

Andreas chose as, let's say, something that Andreas might buy, this Armani leather coat.

On a day-to-day basis, one could imagine Olga behind the counter in a Prada harlequin sweater.

Or in a Jil Sander jacket, heather blue.

The "Work Day" theme shifted in tone when we found a YSL cummerbund resting among the shelves. Here, the cummerbund holds in place a Ralph Lauren tuxedo shirt, underneath a Dolce and Gabbana grey blazer and Ted Baker pants. Olga luckily was familiar with, and knew how to spell, cummerbund.

And speaking of evening wear, a Chloe beaded clutch.

When finding a way to display this Burberry vest, we were tempted to pair a striped long-sleeve shirt, but opted for a simpler Bruno Cucinelli polo. The ball cap is Andeas's own. 

At the moment, Noho has a number of loafers by Plomo. Here are two varieties, with tassels, with laces.