Becoming quickly distracted, I forgot all about Alexander Wang’s debut on the Fall RTW Balenciaga runway, and was instead transfixed by the peep-toe and open-toe heels on the girls walking down it. Shoes that almost allowed the foot to slip completely out. The amount of toe cleavage present on the runway inspired me to find those shoes in INA that might most highlight the toes, or strap the toes in. 

Metal mouthed lips rest just above the toes. 

Or in these heels, a fabricated lady bug has landed at the beginning of the toe crease.


The space between first and second toe is displayed. A curtain of leather is otherwise in the heel. 

Gold window blinds open onto a view of the foot.

In a recent interview, filmmaker Harmony Korine said, "I hate to look at a man's naked toes." But, even the toes of a Grecian God?

And on a different runway, the toes were obscured completely by fur. 

Top to bottom: Yves Saint Laurent lucid heart mules, Chelsea; Miu Miu mules with red snakesin & ladybug, Nolita; Margiela peep-toe leather pumps, Noho; Pierre Hardy strappy suede & gold sandals, Nolita; Fiorentini Baker woven leather sandal, Nolita Men; Celine rabbit fur slip-on, Chelsea.