Women of discretion, elusive women and men, carry Hermes bags. People like Grace Kelly, people like Jane Birkin. People like princes, like queens, whose defining characteristic is the golden locked clasp. 

Given a glimpse inside the Hermes purse, there may be found plastic wrapped napkins, coral lipstick, eyeglasses in a suede carry-all, assorted beaded bracelets in disarray, wrappers from sour candies.

Dirty remnants, receipts and other scraps of paper, a planner…

An old yearbook page with an admirer’s note, "I love your style and courage to look different, but very nice and elegant." 

And a poem, written in Bosnian and translated.

There is a plant that’s weird/

It doesn’t like the sun/

It blooms in May/

Kids are asking what kind/

of plant it is, till they/

decide it’s wild strawberries. 


From top, all found in INA Soho: Hermes tan leather Lindy purse, Hermes tan leather 35 cm Birkin purse, Hermes blue leather 35 cm Birkin purse, Hermes caramel leather Bolide travel bag with Hermes scarf.