New York is a city known for its chance encounters, this line from a book describing it best:

Lynn Tillman writes, "Usually when I think about someone, he or she eventually turns up. In a train station, in a bookstore, crossing an alley, around a corner, that face presents itself, stamped onto the present like postage. I have sometimes thought, overdue postage." 

I walk past a boy regularly on the street and underground, too. He is always wearing the same thing. Approaching the doorway to a store, I see the boy sitting at the entrance. He sits, collecting thoughts, and glancing at the approaching line of people. I pass through unnoticed, as he looks in the other direction wearing his uniform, the oddity of which lies in the noted influence of Japanese style on top of athletic style. And in his extremely slow way of walking through the crowded street. Antiquity mixed with sport.

His ensemble is comprised of a number of characters. Scrutinized in detail, these are:

One part, Victorian patient, in a crinkled straightjacket.

I look down at his shoes. The loafers have holes, maybe perforation, decorating them.

Another part, detective, suspicious in a high collared and loose trench coat.

The last part, a dandy, with a touch of magic realism – striped chinos and a button-down, rainforest printed jacket, the leaves changing from green to darker green. 

From top: INA Nolita, Prada black, cotton cuffed crinkled jacket with tie front and open back; INA Nolita, Rochas white leather loafers; INA Nolita, Chloe olive trench coat with brown leather details; INA Noho, Bottega Veneta men's khaki belted pants; INA Noho, men's Marc by Marc Jacobs striped salmon & chocolate pants; INA Nolita, Dries Van Noten jacket with palm tree print.