Brands like Margiela display exposed seams, unfinished hemlines, and other anachronistic touches within their very construction, but the urban man, a veritable Marie Antoinette of the city, has also been seen wearing mismatching textures in perfect harmony – fabrics with strong divisions in pattern, or two supposedly clashing garments in combination, outfits constructed completely of artificial divides.

Invoking some casual dialogue from Marie Antoinette's dressing chambers, Marie said, while adorning herself, "Letting everyone down would be my greatest unhappiness."

A silver Margiela blazer donned over a Prada floral, micro-striped button-down never disappoints.

Marie, while deciding which character to play, "Am I to be Austrian or the Dauphine of France?"

Response from an ambassador: "You must be both."

And why choose? In this outfit, a Margiela elbow-patch melds with Etro silk geometry. 

A duchess commented, "What's going on there?"

"Everything" is the answer.

Etro diamond printed trousers can be worn with elbow patches as well as with Margiela suede hightops. 

And in every period drama, there are dogs, cold feet, and debauchery.

King Louis XVI says to barefooted Marie, "Oooooh! Your feet are like icicles!"

Don't get cold feet; wear a patchwork Prada golf-inspired tasseled loafer with striped socks. 

Marie gazes out of the palace window, "There are a lot of people at Versailles today."

And, referring to her hair "It's not too much is it?"

Lord responds, "On, no!"

It's never too much to combine a Margiela leather vest with snap closure over a blouse with rolled sleeves and Margiela khaki pants with denim banding.

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