The elbow is a joint, a fragment, the hinge between the upper and lower arms. Its bony prominence is the focus of this entry – 

Asked on the spot, "What are some quotes you can remember connected to the elbow?", my friend responded: 

"Her elbow rests upon a sugar box." 

"'The elbow's an extension of the wrist,' a remembered song lyric from somewhere."

"I remember: way back it was risque for a lady to expose her elbow." 

"The earliest signs of aging can be seen in the elbow."

"Rolling up your shirtsleeves is an expression of getting to work."

"I remember: a well-placed elbow is your best friend at a bar."

All INA Chelsea: Zac Posen open-shoulder and elbow blouse with jeweled closure; Gryphon heather grey bedazzled cardigan with gem detail at the elbows; Marni woven cropped jacket embroidered with rocks, hanging beaded elbows; Issey Miyake ivory pleated blouse with woven loop detail; Tucker floral blouse with elastic sleeve; Sandro open-weave white blouse with elbow exposure; Junya Watanabe men's lightweight coat with elbow patches.