Recently in passing conversation, an acquaintance said, “Walking by the window of a department store, a Calvin Klein Collection piece caught my eye, and I was surprised! Alexander Wang is making the way for sport brands like Calvin Klein and SportMax, even Armani, to make a comeback.” 

Those Calvin Klein clothes in the window included a forest green suede professional set, a skirt and calf-length jacket with drop shoulders and gold loops for belts at hip and chest, and underneath, a midriff-baring, cropped turtleneck shirt. It was reminiscent of the 90s, a time when suede was worn in casual and professional context with equal sway.

Where brand names like Armani had previously run in a conservative business realm of the outdated professional look, their streamlined contours and no-frills finishings have never looked so fresh. Is it because those touches – the hidden button flap, exposed stitching and zippers, clunky pockets, heavy straps, knee-length skirts in combination with longish sleeves  – have been co-opted into younger sport brands?

Calvin Klein clay, leather pump with inset toe, INA Soho

Calvin Klein black leather single-flap, single-button handbag, INA Soho

Armani sky blue racerback knit, INA Soho

Alexander Wang & Linda Farrow collaborative velvet sunglasses, INA Chelsea

Alexander Wang black leather gladiator sandal, INA Soho