I turn to favorite rapper Gucci Mane for descriptive words of wisdom about his own jewelry selection:

"Tell my auntie to bring all my bracelets"

YSL chainlink cuff, INA Nolita

"Ketchup diamonds, yellow mustard" 

Vintage Christian Lacroix heart necklace, INA Nolita

"So much ice make your eye sight blurry"

Eddie Borgo gunmetal cone bracelet and Vintage lion's head pearl bracelet, INA Noho

"Got a jewelry box man, got a jewelry dresser"

Hermes sterling cuff with perforated logo, INA Nolita

"Please pardon me, please pardon me, I'm sorry I'm so sparkly"

From Patricia Field, plastic cone bracelet, INA Noho 

"I don't say this normally, but please excuse my ornaments" 

Phu brass nail bangle, INA Men Nolita