With our new split you'll receive:


70% for items $2,000 and above

60% from items between $750 and $1,999

50% for items between $400 and $749

40% for items between $1 and $399

Make An Appointment
If you currently live in the NY metropolitan region, call or visit one of our four New York City locations to set up an appointment. One of our experienced stylists will review your merchandise with you and discuss the price you will receive when each item is sold.
men + women
207 West 18th Street
(212) 334 6572
Mon – Sat 12 to 8 pm
Sun 12 to 7 pm

men + women
110 East 13th Street
(212) 254 8400
Mon – Sat 12 to 8 pm
Sun 12 to 7 pm
21 Prince Street
(212) 334 9048
Mon – Sat 12 to 8 pm
Sun 12 to 7 pm

19 Prince Street
(212) 334 2210
Mon – Sat 12 to 8 pm
Sun 12 to 7 pm

Send Us Your Stuff
If you have designer merchandise in excellent condition from the last 5 years, INA would be happy to sell it for you. Ship your items to us, and INA will reimburse your shipping costs on the first sales check. See the List of Designers we carry, and then follow these simple steps:

1. Complete our Online Consignment Form
2. Print your mailing label and inventory list after you submit the form, you will receive an auto reply that we have received the form
3. Do not mail in your items until you receive a second email after we have reviewed your item list
 4. Place your items in a box and include your inventory list
(We recommend putting items in a plastic bag for protection)
 5. Affix INA Mailing label to box and take to post office or a shipping center

We will let you know via email when we receive your items, and send you a second follow-up email when the items are priced and ready for sale. Please review and accept our Consignment Terms for all items.

Printable INA Mailing Label
Still have questions? Please call us at: 800-INA-1747 Ext. 10