How do I consign my garments and accessories at INA?

Consignment is done by appointment only.
Please call the INA location which is most convenient for you in order to arrange an appointment. During your appointment, a staff member will go over your merchandise and discuss pricing on each item with you. Your items will then be inventoried and put out on the floor.

Do you buy merchandise outright?

No. All merchandise is on consignment and consignors are paid after items have sold.

What type of clothes do you accept? How do I know
what designers you carry?

We only accept designer and contemporary brands. Merchandise must be in season, clean and in excellent condition. To see a list of the designers that we carry, please see the Brand page. (This list is only a partial list - if a brand isn't on the list, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't accept that brand.)

Do you accept vintage pieces?

We do accept a small amount of vintage, but because INA is different from a thrift shop, we're very selective about the vintage merchandise we take in. The item in question must be either A) from a designer that is still relevant today (ex. Emilio Pucci, Balmain), or B) in sync with current trends. In either case, the item must be in excellent condition. Please use your best judgment when bringing in vintage pieces.

Is there anything that you don't accept?

We do not accept lingerie or swimwear.

Does it matter what time of year it is and what kind of merchandise
I want to sell?

Yes. Our stores only take in merchandise appropriate for the current season. Please arrange your appointment with that in mind.

How do you decide on prices? How much do you keep?

During your appointment prices will be set at an agreed upon amount. Merchandise goes out on the floor at a little more than double the amount given to the consignor.

When will I receive payment for my items which have sold?

Consignor payouts are the first week of every month for items sold during the previous month. (ex. a payment made on May 1st would be for all items sold during the month of April).

What determines if my items will be sold online, in addition to in-store?

We select a fraction of in-store merchandise to also be sold online. You cannot request for your item to be selected, but you can tell us if for any reason you would NOT like your items online.

If an item of mine is put up online, does that decrease its chances
of selling?

No. All pieces put up online are still kept in-store until they are purchased online or in the store. That being said, if your item is put up for sale online, it increases its exposure and the likelihood of its sale.

What happens to my garments and accessories that do not sell?

Clothes will remain at full price for 30 days. Prices will be reduced by 20% after 30 days after the date of initial consignment. A reduction of 50% will occur after 60 days.After 90 days items are reduced to 70% off. All items not picked up after a period of 6 months will be donated. We can also donate unwanted items at the consignor's request. Currently, all donations are sent to Housing Works.