How do I get in touch with you to sell garments and accessories I no longer want? (OR)
How do I consign my garments and accessories at INA?

We accept clothes by appointment only. Please call one of our store’s to arrange an appointment. During your appointment a staff member will go over your merchandise and discuss pricing on each item with you. Your items will then be inventoried and put out on the floor.

Do you buy merchandise outright?
No. All merchandise is on consignment and consignors are paid after items are sold.

What type of clothes do you accept? How do I know what designers you carry?
We only accept designer merchandise that is clean and in excellent condition. To see a list of the designers that we carry, please see the Brand page.

Does it matter what time of year it is and what kind of merchandise I want to sell?
Yes. Our stores only carry the current season. Please arrange your appointment with that in mind.

How do you decide on prices? How much do you keep?
During your appointment prices will be set at an agreed upon amount. Merchandise goes out on the floor at a ____% mark-up.

What are the payment terms of consignment at INA? (OR) When will I receive a check?
Checks are sent out at the beginning of each month for merchandise that was sold in the previous month.

What happens to my garments and accessories that do not sell?
Merchandise is on the floor for approx. _____ days at full price. After 30 days there is a ____% reduction. If your garments are still unsold, we will contact you to arrange a pick up. If you do not want the garments back, we will
donate your pieces to a charitable cause for you. We currently donate to Housing Works.